Dr. Smile Medical Group Launches Africa's First Vein Center in Addis Ababa, Marking CHIVA's Debut on the Continent

Dr. Smile Medical Group, a trailblazer in varicose veins treatment, opens its inaugural vein center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, expanding its world-class medical services. The event marks the successful completion of Africa’s first CHIVA treatment for varicose veins, showcasing the group’s innovation and dedication to global health.

The opening ceremony, graced by distinguished guests including Chinese Ambassador Zhao Zhiyuan and former Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome, signifies the launch of Africa’s premier CHIVA treatment center.

Ethiopian Health Minister Dr. Dereje Duguma lauds Dr. Smile Medical Group’s technical prowess and expresses interest in adopting their methods regionally, aiming to establish a CHIVA training center in Addis Ababa.

Led by senior vascular surgeon Dr. Deng Jianping, the new vein center’s first consultations and treatments showcase the group’s advanced medical capabilities and the expertise of its team.

Founder Dr. Zhang Qiang (Smile Chang)shares milestone experiences on social media, expressing gratitude for collaboration with Silk Road General Hospital.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, Dr. Zhang Qiang outlines strategic plans for advancing varicose vein treatment in Africa. Dr. Smile Medical Group aims to establish the African training center for the global CHIVA certification program, merging technology with international medical education for vein health services worldwide.

The group’s international presence and achievements underscore China’s growing influence in global healthcare.