CHIVA, as the most advanced technique for treating lower limb varicose veins, preserves the intact venous reflux network. How long does it take after the surgery for the dilated and twisted veins to gradually restore normal function and caliber?

CHIVA (Conservative Hemodynamic Cure of Venous Insufficiency with Ambulatory Conservative Treatment and Microsurgery) is an advanced technique for treating lower limb varicose veins that preserves the complete venous reflux network. The recovery time and the extent of functional and caliber restoration of dilated and twisted veins after CHIVA surgery can vary among individuals. Here are some general guidelines:

Typically, patients can expect to see improvements in the appearance of their veins within several weeks to months after surgery. However, complete recovery may take longer, depending on the severity of the varicose veins and the overall health of the individual.

The goal of CHIVA surgery is to restore normal venous function and alleviate symptoms of blood reflux and varicose veins. By preserving the main venous reflux pathways and correcting abnormal shunting, the normal venous return function can gradually be restored.

CHIVA surgery does not involve the removal or excision of veins; instead, it focuses on preserving the integrity of the veins to restore their function. The surgery is not aimed at directly altering the morphology or size of the veins, so the dilation and twisting of the veins may not immediately change. However, over time, the caliber of the veins may gradually return to normal.

For veins that have regained normal function but still have visible cosmetic concerns, the primary focus is on functional recovery. For those with specific cosmetic needs, additional complementary treatment options can be considered after assessing the pros and cons.

It’s important to note that the actual recovery time and results may vary among individuals due to differences in factors such as individual characteristics, surgical techniques, and postoperative rehabilitation. If you’re considering CHIVA surgery or have concerns about the postoperative recovery, I recommend consulting with experts from Dr. Smile Medical Group who can provide more specific and personalized advice.

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